A Weekend Getaway, Part 2: A College Reunion, Sparsely Attended But Greatly Enjoyed

Here’s part 1.

Saturday, October 4th was Homecoming at my college and also the ostensible reason for our trip up to western New York.  So, in the morning after the kayak rides on the lake, we headed for Houghton.  There’s been quite of bit of change on campus since we graduated 15 years ago, most recently ew soccer, baseball and softball fields along with a gigantic field house complete with a regulation-size indoor track and tennis courts.  When we got to campus, I was so disoriented I hardly knew where I was (which is ridiculous because it’s a really small campus). Once we figured out where we were, we went to the kids’ carnival in the morning.  All our kids had a great time, including Ellie jumping in a bouncy house, a new experience for her!

IMG_0090 (800x600)I had the fun of seeing three of my favorite professors – Dr. Young (psychology [my major] and my adviser), Prof. Roederer (Spanish and a kindred spirit – because their children live in AK), and Dr. Gaerte (communications [my minor], student government adviser [my on-campus love], and dear friend too [he and his wife even came to our wedding]).

IMG_0095 (800x533)Dr. Gaerte, who I know I’m allowed to call Doug but I just can’t make myself! 🙂

The new field house was dedicated that day so we attended the ceremony.  This is a terrible picture but it does document the ribbon cutting and gives some scale for how massive the building really is.

IMG_0097 (600x800)

A student played the bagpipes for the processional and recessional.  Houghton’s mascot is the Highlander and this sound is so full of many memories for me.  So I’m going to let you watch it even though I somehow managed to shoot it upside down.  I must say, it’s pretty funny to watch the people walk by on the ceiling! 🙂

Only six people from our class made it to the reunion.  Somehow, we didn’t manage to see one of our classmates (sorry Jessica!) and we forgot to take a picture with the other two (sorry Jill and Mike!).  So here are Lisa, Liana, and I.  Lisa and Liana were roommates our sophomore year and I was their suitemate.  It was fun to be together again!

IMG_0049 (800x533)IMG_0053 (800x533)

Nik and I took a little time in the afternoon to wander around campus.  It really felt weird to be walking in places that I know and love so well, but to have my husband and children with me, a totally different person than I was 15 (19!) years ago.

IMG_0056 (800x600)on the Quad, too sunny for Ellie to smile

I love Houghton in the fall and I’m so glad we went to visit in October.

(coming soon – a visit to Letchworth State park – waterfalls and vultures, oh my!)

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