He Sings! He Talks! He Runs! Oh The Cuteness!

Mark is daily amazing us with his leaps and bounds forward in talking, moving, and generally just being super adorable.  Here’s three videos to let you experience the cuteness too. Sadly, two of them are upside down.  I’m still getting the hang of taking videos with my smart phone (because oh yeah, by the way, I have one now) and I just keep managing to hold my phone the wrong way.  Annoying, it plays them correctly on my phone so I don’t figure it out until I download them.  Anyway, if you’re a dedicated Mark-admirer, I suppose you’ll put up with the upside-down-ness of them because they are OH SO CUTE!!

First, he loves to sing and has a remarkable grasp of tune already.  Here is he singing in the car.  He usually chooses the “Twinkle Twinkle/ABC” tune for his chosen melody! 🙂

He is talking oh, so much.  He’s starting to make  three and four word sentences and comes out with new words all the time.  Most of his words, he drops the first consonant sound, which makes understanding him a bit tricky.  Duck and truck come out “uck” and plane and train come out “ain.”  He also loves giving kisses as you’ll see if you watch to the end!

Finally, he also loves to run.  We don’t even take the stroller with us on walks around the neighborhood any more because he doesn’t want to ride in it.  He says, “Un! Un!” and just takes off.  I’m so sad this one is upside down because I just love how he vigorously swings his elbows from side to side.  I hope you can get a sense of it at least!  Sometimes we do take our wagon with us so you’ll hear it rattling along in the background.

Also, don’t you love the classic “run but get totally distracted by something” behavior?

We’re so glad this precious boy is in our family!  I don’t know what we’d do without him!

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1 Response to He Sings! He Talks! He Runs! Oh The Cuteness!

  1. Oh man, so cute!!

    This is my favorite age so far.

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