Finish It Up Friday – Update #5 – No More Cuffs!

Over two years ago, my friend Julie found me a great pair of jeans at a thrift store for just a few dollars.  Only problem?  They were longs and I am not that tall (5’4″ to be exact).  So, for two years, I’ve just rolled them up.  This week, finally, I hemmed them, using the original hem method.  It’s a pretty nifty way to hem jeans and end up with a finished product that doesn’t scream, “I’ve been hemmed!”  I do wish I’d hemmed them maybe 1/2 to 1 inch shorter but that’s OK.  They’re much better than they were!

008 (800x533)

And in other WIP news, I also fixed our bathroom curtain, finished the back of Mark’s quilt, and took down the living room Roman shades in order to fix them.  So that means I’m down to six WIPs, with two of them already in process.  Hooray for a shorter list!

I’m linking up with “Finish It Up Friday” at Crazy Mom Quilts.

The [Really Getting Shorter Now] List of WIPs (as of 2/7/14)

  1. fix the living room shades (annoyingly falling apart)
  2. Ellie’s doll hair (it’s been over a year and Ellie’s not bald anymore so I really can’t justify her doll’s baldness anymore.)
  3. Mark’s birthday quilt
  4. dining room shades (they’re so close to being done and have just been sitting for close to 18 months)
  5. pillow for Ellie (not technically a WIP because I haven’t started it but it’s been on the “to sew” list for months)
  6. hem new corduroy pants
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4 Responses to Finish It Up Friday – Update #5 – No More Cuffs!

  1. Sara says:

    I love a good jean hemming tutorial. Your jeans look wonderful! I am 5’2″ so can relate;)

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