She counts in Greek!

Ellie still counts, “One, two, eight, mine, ten” when counting without help in English.  She sometimes adds in eleven, twelve, and eighteen for fun.  When we’re counting with her, she’ll count the whole way to ten but really doesn’t ever do it on her own.

Greek, on the other hand, is a different story.  She LOVES counting to ten in Greek and thinks it’s hilarious!  So, there you have it – a toddler who prefers to count in Greek! 🙂

In Greek, she actually counts accurately to “ten” every time with just some pronunciation mistakes.  I want to know if the pronunciation mistakes she makes are similar to what a Greek-speaking two-year-old would make.  For example, she says “lay-cah” instead of “theh-cah” for “ten” and I’m wondering if that’s a common Greek baby mistake or if it’s her English-first pronunciation interfering!  Just some geeky linguistic wonderings for you!

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3 Responses to She counts in Greek!

  1. Olga christodoulides says:

    The th or delta sound is very difficult for babies so they pronounce it different ways whichever way is easier. My nephew used to pronounce it with an n sound. Laura I enjoy reading your blog alot and look at all the beautiful pictures of Ellie’s and the whole family’s. Good luck with baby2 give my love to everybody, talk to you soon, Olga.

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