Starting a Tradition

We decided to take a picture of Ellie and me, in front of our redbud tree in our front lawn, at around the same time every year. We’ll be able to see Ellie growing and how much the tree has grown too!  (We planted the tree in April 2008.)

Here’s last year’s picture (go remind yourself and then come back here).

This year, the tree bloomed super early.  So we took a picture three weeks early, just so we could have the blossoms in a picture.

Here’s is the official, one-year-later (ish) picture.

Quite a change in both baby and tree!

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5 Responses to Starting a Tradition

  1. jennifer barnard says:

    Cute! you look great too.

  2. Crystal S says:

    What a great idea! These kids grow up so fast!

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