Spring Break 2012, Mini-Adventure #4 (and the final one)

The fourth and final Spring Break 2012’s Mini-Adventure was Easter and hosting Easter Brunch for 29 people!

Here’s our family Easter picture (and here’s last year’s for comparison):

The brunch was a potluck so it was surprisingly easy and fun to have 26 people join us for brunch!

Much more food showed up after I took this picture!  Yummy!

Yiayia made us a beautiful Greek dessert, kataifi me krema*.

Those M&M flowers were very popular with the kids!  And they all thought the kataifi was pasta! 🙂

Of course, I was having too much fun watching 11 kids tear around outside, come in to graze and run back out again to remember to take any pictures of all the people.  (OK, so two-month old baby IM didn’t tear around but the rest of them sure were having fun!) We all had a great time.  We used to have big brunches after Easter when I was growing up and I loved having everyone at our house!

I hope we can make this a tradition at our house (except for the years that Orthodox Easter coincides with ours, then we’ll be at Yiayia’s!)

*I don’t know if that recipe I linked to is any good but it will give you the idea of what the dessert is, anyway.  It’s delicious!!

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2 Responses to Spring Break 2012, Mini-Adventure #4 (and the final one)

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    I love your Easter family picture! Beautiful!

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