Alaska, Summer 2011, Part 2: The Nieces and Our First Walk

Part 2 in a series about our trip to Alaska in late June through mid-July, 2011.  Both Nik and I will be sharing pictures and stories from this trip.  I know you usually hear my voice on this blog so I think it will be fun to hear Nik’s as well!  Under the title of each blog post, you can see a by-line.  So for these posts, if you can’t guess who is writing, just look there for the author.  I’ll be giving more of a chronological narration of our trip while Nik has all sorts of fun picture-heavy posts for you.

We flew to Alaska determined to make the most of our 18-day trip.  With so much family up there, it’s very easy for us to just end up sitting around, playing with the kids and talking.  While there’s nothing wrong with that, we decided that we wanted to make sure we played tourist a little bit as well.  So we made a list of all that we wanted to do while we were up there.

First on my list was to hold my new nieces and so I did, within an hour of landing in Anchorage.  3-week old Clara (Rachel and Drew’s daughter) and 3.5 month old Violet (Eric and Meggan’s daughter)

I was happy enough at this point to just sit around and talk while holding my nieces!  It’s a good thing we made that list!

One item on the list was to go walking almost every day.  We arrived on a Friday afternoon and we took our first walk Sunday afternoon with Eric, Noah, Selah, Jonas, and Ezra.  We went to Westchester Lagoon and dodged many runners and cyclists on the Coastal Trail while enjoying a gorgeous afternoon.  My favorite part?  It was a toss up between being with my family and the positively awesomely cold 70 degree weather with no humidity.

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1 Response to Alaska, Summer 2011, Part 2: The Nieces and Our First Walk

  1. jonandleah says:

    Nice to see some family! Glad you enjoyed your lovely Alaskan heat!

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