Please don’t judge me

If you come over to my house this weekend, you might walk around and think, “Hmm.  This place is a [more than a ] little messy.  The bathtub looks like it could use a good scrub.  There’s crumbs all over the kitchen floor. The kitchen is cluttered.  Ellie’s dress for the wedding tonight is wrinkled.  Tonight’s wedding present didn’t get sewn (but it is cut out!).  The office is a MESS.   What have these two been doing all week?”

All I can say is, please don’t judge me.

On Wednesday, the day I normally vaccuum, it was 92, with heat index, much hotter.

On Thursday, the day I normally try to clean the bathroom, it was over 100 with a heat index of something like 115.

On Friday, the day I normally try to do laundry and clean the kitchen deeply, it was 106.  In fact, it was the 2nd hottest day in Baltimore on record.  Ever.  Add in the humidity and it felt more like 116.

Today, it only got up to something like 99, but add in that humidity, and bam!  Right back up into triple digits.  And my sewing machine and ironing board are in a non-AC room.

We don’t have central air.  We do have window units, for which we are exceedingly grateful.  So we can sleep in the cool and live in the cool of our office during the day.  Many people don’t even have that and so we are grateful for it.

I think you will excuse me for shirking my housecleaning duties and spending a lot of time in the office, where we do have air, where we have been living our life, and where a consequent mess has accumulated.

We will be glad when the heat is gone.  But in the meantime, we are grateful for air conditioning, for kind friends who offer their central-AC-houses for cool play dates, and for a vacation which will soon take us to the [much smaller than Alaskan but still beautiful] mountains and the lake.

We are blessed.  And we’re hot too.

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2 Responses to Please don’t judge me

  1. David says:

    I tend to be more judging of people who have their houses spotless. And in the heat you’ve been having, I wouldn’t blame you at all for just laying under the AC units and not moving the entire week.

  2. Zona says:

    David pretty much said it all!

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