June Sewing – The Prosaic

Sometimes, I just have to sew to get things done.  My June sewing was almost all like that.

First, I sewed five large rectangles to put on the floor underneath Ellie’s high chair.  The Baby-Led Weaning book recommended using something like that so that you can save your floor as well as being able to hand the food back to the baby easily.  The idea is that you replace these clothes every day or so and so they won’t be that dirty.  This was probably the most boring project I’ve ever done – fold a quarter inch, fold a quarter inch, sew around four long sides.  I did battle my perfectionist side successfully though and just eyed it and rather than measure, iron and sew.

Next I sewed three liner bags to go into the trash can where we keep Ellie’s dirty cloth diapers between washings.  I made three and didn’t really get the dimensions correct until the third one.  I’m OK with imperfection on a bag for dirty diapers!  This is the second one.  The third one comes down the pail a bit farther and stays in place the best.

Finally, I made a car seat bag to put our car seat in so that we could check it on the plane for our trip to Alaska.  I made two false starts on this one before I got the dimensions correct.  I was quasi-following a poorly written tutorial that I’d found online but ended up mostly making up my own design.  In practice, it worked fine although there is a design flaw or two that I will fix if I ever need to make one again.

I do have to send out thanks to my friend Betsy who gave me a huge roll of that butterfly fabric which she had found in the basement of her old house.  I don’t love it nor do I really even like it but having a bunch of free fabric has come in really handy to use on prosaic projects like this.  Thanks Betsy!  I’ve almost used it up.

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