Work? What’s that?

Poor me.  I actually had to put on respectable clothes, make my lunch, and work for four and a half whole hours today.  I am exhausted!  Work is hard work!

We finally went back to school today.  The date on my bulletin board in my elementary classroom said February 4th.  That’s right – it had been 13 days since I was last there.  My teasing comment of “See you in two weeks!” almost came true!  They canceled school yesterday and then today through Friday, we’re going in 2 hours late.  So we’ll work three days but only actually put in 2 days worth of hours.  (The sidewalks are still impassable and many of the roads very narrow.  So they don’t want kids waiting for the bus or walking to school in the dark.  Hence, 2 hours delayed opening.)

At this point, we’ve definitely way exceeded the number of allocated snow days.  So we’re waiting to find out what’s going to happen with the schedule.  The state schools superintendent said that she’s going to request that the State Board of Education forgive some of the missed days.  After all, the entire state was under a state of emergency.  It’s not like we stayed home for the fun of it!

So we may lose some of spring break and/or we may have to work a few extra days at the end of the summer.

Here’s hoping for no more storms or snow days this year!

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1 Response to Work? What’s that?

  1. jjandlj says:

    Oh my goodness!  Hope you manage to get back into work.  And hopefully you won’t have to go to school too much during the summer!

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