“Miss! Why did you do it? Why?”

Just one of the varied reactions that I got today.  Others included:
“Miss!  I like it!”
“You look good.”
I have very nice students!And what were they commenting on?

Just the transformation from this:

To this:
(With a ponytail soon to be on its way to Locks of Love.)

And let me tell you – I feel strange.  My hair has been long, or longish for probably 8 years.  I’m still getting used to having short hair.  I asked my hairdresser to only cut off 10 inches, which is the minimum allowed by Locks of Love.  And she did that.  But then, somehow, by the time I had a hair style, she had cut off quite a few more inches.  And now I have short hair!  It is fun and the response from friends and students has generally been complimentary.  Most importantly, I like it and Nik likes it so we’re good on all fronts!

One of my students (who really isn’t the brightest of the bunch) asked me today, “Did you get a hair cut?” I answered, “No.”  And he said, “OK,” evidently believing me and going back to his opening drill.  I had to tell him, “I’m joking!” 

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4 Responses to “Miss! Why did you do it? Why?”

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    Younger!  Fresher!  Hipper!  FAB!!!

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    i love it. it makes me feel free and swingy just looking at all the length off your shoulders and neck. It looks amazing!

  3. judgie86 says:

    Dad says – Man, thats RAD!!! Wait, that sounded to sixties….i’m old what can I say!! (just kidding, thats me 🙂 ) He thinks it look very beautiful!!

  4. nanacilla says:

    What a great cut on you!  

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