Random news

1.  Yes, it did finally stop snowing.  Yes, they are calling for another storm on President’s Day but it’s supposed to be small, thankfully.  And yes, maybe we’ll finally go back to school on Tuesday.

2. The official total for snow fall in February? 49.2 inches (as in, a little over 4 feet).  The average February snowfall? 6.4 inches.  Check out this cool graphic for all the stats.

3. The score after playing 1 round of Skipbo, 5 rounds of Backgammon, and 1 round of Rummikub?

Laura: 6  Nik: 2

(Before last night I was ahead 6 to zero but he managed to beat me two games in a row in Backgammon last night.)  This is particularly unusual because I very rarely win when we play games.  Our theory is that the Alaskan weather is favoring the Alaskan.  And last night, it had stopped snowing and I lost.  So our theory might be right!

4. Our friends are having a party tonight and we are THRILLED to get to go somewhere, and do something that doesn’t involve only our house and each other.  Nik and I love each other very much but it’s nice to have interaction with other people too, you know?!

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3 Responses to Random news

  1. nanacilla says:

    WOW!  You’re snowfall reminds me of Paxson.  Have fun at your party tonight.  Take a nap or two so you’ll last!

  2. Christie V. says:

    This is amazing!  I’m so glad you’re posting.  I’ve been thinking about you in the midst of all this snow.  We have had a very snowy winter–we were struck by the Christmas blizzard that stranded us and gave us 17 inches of snow on top of 10 inches on the ground, and for the winter we’ve had more than 50 inches.  The roads are awful, we can’t see at intersections because of all the snow, and now we have potholes everywhere.  But WOW! nothing like what you guys got.  Spring can’t come soon enough–actually, it needs to come slowly or we will have water in our basement if the snow melts too fast!

  3. Joi says:

    Wow, you guys have gotten hit pretty hard. Thank goodness for good board games 🙂

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