Progress Report #1

We made a good start this week on our January theme, “Organize”- here’s the update:

1. My desk – Sort, file, and deal with all the papers that built up during December when all I was doing was sewing.
Basically finished – I’ve gone through all my papers and filed everything that I can.  All that’s left is what I need to take care of before filing – good enough for me to take it off the list!
2. Nik’s desk – ditto (except for the sewing part)
He’s also made good progress and is almost finished.
3. Clear off the couch in our office – sort and put away all items.
finished except for the gardening paperwork that is currently being used (see #9)
4. Ditto for the floor of the office.  totally clear – mostly thanks to Nik!
5. Make a master harvest schedule (i.e. what we have to harvest/can/freeze and when throughout the whole year)
6. Make a Master Recipe List – by season.
7. Sewing Room:  fabric, notions, card/paper supplies fabric is done!
8. Basement – Canning shelves, boxes, rearrange storage
9.  Make a seed order. in progress, Nik has it started
10. Catch all desk drawer in office.
11. Organize the recipes on my computer to match my recipe binder system.
12.  The pictures/papers on the refrigerator

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2 Responses to Progress Report #1

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    As regards #5 – after we moved here, somewhere I found a brochure that listed all local crops and their harvest dates.  Maybe your county extension office could provide you with such a list?  That would surely be helpful in planning your food harvesting and preservation schedule.

  2. lauraejudge says:

    @Aunt Zona – Thanks Zona! I do have one somewhere that I got from the Master Gardeners but had forgotten about it – I’ll definitely try to find it.

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