A busy week

I’m going to North Bay (where Dan Gerding used to work) to hang out with my school’s 6th graders from Wednesday through Friday.  I’m not exactly looking forward to hanging out with 86 6th graders for 2 1/2 solid days but that’s OK.  There are 6 ESOL kids on the trip so they’re my main duty.  And they’re fun kids so I’m sure I’ll enjoy myself.  Nik’s getting his wisdom teeth out on Thursday morning.  We’re working at the farm on Saturday – to finish our hours!  Or at least I’ll be working – we’ll see about how Nik feels.  Saturday afternoon, Nik has to be on duty at the football game.  Sunday is Alex’s one-year birthday party – Alex B, that is, as opposed to Alex J, who is also turning one this week!   (That would be Alexandros as opposed to Alexandra.)

So tonight, I’m making bread for Nik to be able to eat while I’m gone – hopefully, he’ll be able to get it down at least!  I used more white flour this time, kneaded it more, and let it rise in a warmer environment.  Hopefully, it will be a little lighter.

And in other news, we got a gigantic pumpkin from the CSA.  Fun!

And, because I don’t think I ever put this picture on here, here’s a picture of one of the things that we make to use up our chard from the CSA – chardopita (pronounced with the same emphasis as spanikopita).  It’s basically the exact same thing but with chard instead of spinach.  And we really like it!  This one looks a little bit funny because I used only olive oil between the phyllo layers and Tina told me later that I was supposed to use half butter/half olive oil.  If you do that, the layers actually stick together.  But anyway, if you ever have an abundance of chard, chardopita is the way to go!

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2 Responses to A busy week

  1. judgie86 says:

    i miss good greek food SO much!!! hey, did you get your birthday song? 🙂

  2. nanacilla says:

    Busy week, I guess! Take care.  I’ll be praying for Nik.

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