Dan can ski?!?

So today I was sitting in “North Bay Live” which is the character education component of North Bay that’s also tied in with what the kids are learning with their environmental ed classes during the day. And they played this video and all of a sudden, I see Dan Gerding skiing, in Utah. And I thought to myself, “Wow! I didn’t even know Dan could ski – and he’s actually really good!” He looked good, particularly in comparison to the main guy, who said that he had never skied before. And either it really was the guy’s first day of skiing or he was a really good actor because he did a very convincing job of falling down all the time! (I knew that Dan had gone to Utah to help with the filming of the video but I didn’t know he was a star!)

I’d only been here about 15 minutes when I got, “Hey! Laura! You’re Nik’s wife!” And I, not remembering this girl’s name AT ALL but vaguely recognizing her face, said, “Yeah! What’s your name again?” It turned out to be this girl named Leah who knows Nik and Dan. Anyway, it’s been fun to be here, in a place that we’ve heard so much about from Dan.

This afternoon, I got to learn about clams and the Chesapeake Bay. The boys jumped in and searched around in the sand for them. I choses to stay dry on the beach! They found 13 brackish clams, 37 Asian clams and no fresh water mussels (the only native species in this part of the Bay). I learned lots of interesting stuff but I particularly learned that there used to be enough bivalves (clams, mussels, oysters) in the Bay to filter all of the water in two days. And now there’s only enough to filter all of the water in two years. Just one more example of how the Bay is dying. Really sobering.

We have a few extra minutes now before the Talent Show starts. We have six ESOL kids here – one girl and five boys. All the boys are on the same team/cabin and they have made a team flag that they carry with them everywhere. No one else has this but they think it’s very cool to have a team flag – and I think it’s adorable!

I’m wearing a purple bracelet, not unlike what you get in the hospital. It proves that I’m a chaperone and not a sketchy adult who’s not really supposed to be here. And I think I’m going to be very glad to take it off on Friday.

So that’s all from here. Over and out.

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