We’ve been busy…

Over about two weeks, we did about 60+ hours of yardwork and managed to accumulate A LOT of yard waste:
When the yard materials recycling guys came, I hid inside.  I felt bad making them pick up all those bags!  Some of them were really heavy, filled with sod from this awfulness:

That would be a terribly overgrown driveway.  Here’s how bad the back driveway is (and that’s only one very small section):

That’s why we are currently embroiled in a never-ending driveway repair project.  We’re going on 4 days with no end in sight.   Patching all those holes and cracks is taking forever.  Hopefully, we’ll get to seal the driveways at some point.  I also hope that our monetary investment will pay off later by prolonging the life of our driveways by a long time.  One can only hope!

This is me hiding inside when the recycling guys came:

I also got new glasses:

Insurance paid for them completely – It’s a good thing I avoided the Kate Spade frames.  With these on, I sort of feel like Noova, who was in my class in high school.  Her glasses were kind of like these.  Anyway, they are really clear and I’m getting used to wearing them!

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2 Responses to We’ve been busy…

  1. nanacilla says:

    I like the glasses on you!  You told me about the amount of yard waste, but seeing the picture made it real.  WOW!

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