Beautiful Things

On the front porch:
Dinner that’s almost entirely from the Farmer’s Market and the CSA!  (We just need an olive tree and a goat to make feta and we’d be all set!)

The filled-in rock garden [note the squash plants that are taking over the world.  I needed somewhere to plant them and I was getting desperate.  So I just shoved them in there before we left for Greece.  When we got back 3 1/2 weeks later, they had exploded]:

I love all the different greens in this last one.  I especially like the yellow one too – I think it’s called coreopsis.

The close squash plant in the above picture produces these adorable things:

My big flower splurge of the summer.  Zona – do you know how to winter over dahlias?  If so, we should talk!

The dessert that Tina served us last night:

The snuggle flannel line at Joann Fabrics is 50% off, only today and tomorrow.  (I think it might be an unadvertised special – I just got an e-mail about it.)  So go and get yourself some. I did! (And no, I’m not making myself a baby blanket!)

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2 Responses to Beautiful Things

  1. nanacilla says:

    Isn’t it fun to find squash?  We picked several last night for stir fry.  No patty pans yet.

  2. Aunt Zona says:

    First things first – was that dessert as delicious as it looks?  Second (keeping my priorities straight) does she share recipes?  It looks so beautiful.  As do your squash plants!  No squash borers here, no sirree Bob!  As for dahlias – this is my first year trying to grow them, and they are in pots, only surviving.  I hope they last the winter.  I will be looking online for instruction, which I recommend to you.  Beautiful bloom, by the way.  As far as Todd and I know, after summer you cut the foliage, dry the tubers and store them in sawdust in a cool, dark place safe from mice where they won’t rot.  And keep them away from fruit.  Did you buy all that fabric?  What the plan for using it?  Or do you just store fabric for Joanne’s, like me?

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