Poetry Thursday (ha, ha, ha)

This is what I get for deciding to clean our whole house the week before school starts and host a huge party on Friday night (“Greek Fest 08”, of which we didn’t remember to take even a single picture) – a late poem!  But anyway, better late than never.  [I accidentally just typed “better safe than sorry” before my brain clicked in and told me that I had the wrong cliche!]

From the book Favorite Poems, copyright 1958, which I got (for free, of course!) at the Book Thing:

O For a Booke

O for a Booke and a shadie nooke,
eyther in-a-doore or out;
With the grene leaves whispering overhede,
or the Street cryes all about.

Where I maie Reade all at my ease,
both of the Newe and Olde;
For a jollie goode Booke whereon to looke,
is better to me than Golde.

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1 Response to Poetry Thursday (ha, ha, ha)

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    Oh, I like it!  That’s how I sometimes feel too – oh for a book and a place to read it!  (Sounds like a fun party!)

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