My Good News!

I should be packing…

I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that I don’t have to wear the horrible ugly and not that comfortable shoe anymore!  I think I’ll keep wearing it until after the plane ride is over because the doctor said my foot will probably swell a lot but after that, I can wear whatever wide toed shoes I want!  So I used the occasion to buy two new pairs of shoes!

These Saucony running shoes (Grid Fusion) (in salmon):

And these Merrells (the Siren Ventilator, in this color) which were on sale and then I also had a gift certificate for some of it.

All in all, a satisfying shopping outing!  And now I must get busy packing.  Nik and I were just at his good friend Ben’s birthday party.  Ben’s parents (where the party was) live directly next door to Tina.  Mom – she’s the one who gave me a penny after I got the knives at the shower – the Italian tradition, remember?  Anyway, Nik is still there but I came home a little earlier – I’ve been icing my foot and now I need to send a couple e-mails and pack.  It seems like no matter how determined I am to get everything done in advance, there’s always a ton to do at the last minute!

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5 Responses to My Good News!

  1. DrewPoo84 says:

    good shoe choice on the siren’s my dear….they are CRAZY popular 🙂 did you get them at REI? have an AWESOME trip!! love you!!

  2. DrewPoo84 says:

    oops…this is rachel by the way 🙂

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