I guess plants need sunlight!

So all this winter, I’ve had a creeping charlie next to our TV in our living room, on the other side of the room from the windows.  I knew it wasn’t thriving but I didn’t really have anywhere else to put it and so I just left it there.  It didn’t really die but didn’t look happy at all.  A couple weeks ago, when I put all of my pots of flowers on the front porch, I decided to put it out on the front porch too.  And look what’s happening to it!!

It immediately started putting out new growth.  See the good crop of new green leaves in the middle?  And then look at the leaves up close:

The plant looks variegated even though it’s really not!  So that’s how faded the leaves were from no sunlight and now, amazingly, they are changing back into green.  Plants really are incredible.  I had no idea leaves could do that.  I just figured that I would have to prune off all the old branches and basically start over.  But no, the plant is determined to live!  So this fall, I’ll have to try harder to find a place for it that gets more sun!

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