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We had a snow day today!  Basically, every school district in the state closed due to freezing rain.  The storm turned out to be not that bad but the roads were quite icy.  Anyway, even though I was a lazy … Continue reading

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Poetry Thursday

At Least Raymond Carver I want to get up early one more morning before sunrise.  Before the birds, even. I want to throw cold water on my face and be at my work table when the sky lightens and smoke … Continue reading

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An outline is all you’re going to get tonight

I.  Feeling much better. a.  antibiotics are wonderful. b.  only have a stuffy nose left II. Monday night – cut my thumb really badly. a.  it is possible to cut through both your nail and nail bed without really feeling … Continue reading

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The wonders of modern medicine

Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, I am much better!!  I’m really feeling almost back to normal, except for a stuffy nose.  I’m still a little weak but I think that’s from lying on the couch for four days, … Continue reading

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I need your vote, people!

Nik and I have this on-going debate – as a matter of fact, it seems to be me against the entire East Coast.  So I’m attempting a little bit of a poll to see if I am actually crazy or … Continue reading

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I am a little better!

Please note that yesterday, I said, “It’s 10:20 so I’d better get in the shower so I can get to the doctor.”  Ha ha.  I didn’t actually get in to see the doctor until 5:00.  But anyway, when I got … Continue reading

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Poetry Thursday (Sorry Zona – I remembered today!)

 Original haiku in honor of Valentine’s Day by meI love my husbandI love the Judge familyI love all of you (Now is that cheesy or what?!  But it is true!) Here’s another one: “Love is for the birds.”“Then I want … Continue reading

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