Poetry Thursday (Sorry Zona – I remembered today!)

 Original haiku in honor of Valentine’s Day
by meI love my husband
I love the Judge family
I love all of you

(Now is that cheesy or what?!  But it is true!)

Here’s another one:

“Love is for the birds.”
“Then I want to be a bird.”
(That is what I heard.)

OK.  That one is weird.  But it fits the pattern.  Here’s another one:I love chocolate
I love the Farmer’s Market
I love Tillamook

And because I’m sure you haven’t had enough yet, here’s one last haiku:

Please, if you are bored
Make the lines 5, 7, 5
You will love it so!

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2 Responses to Poetry Thursday (Sorry Zona – I remembered today!)

  1. nanacilla says:

    You are so inventive, Laura!  Sorry you’re feeling bad.  Get better soon.  Love you.

  2. jjandlj says:

    Sorry you’re not feeling well Laura…that is so crummy!  Last year we were so worn out at many times that we have also been learning the importance of Sabbath and the need to rest.  When we rest, we’re much more productive when we’re actually working…so in the end I think we accomplish more anyway!  I often think getting sick is a result of over-tiring myself and God’s reminder to me to rest as I need to.So…we know you guys are heading to Greece this summer and I’m sure that you have so many places and people to see…but I thought I’d put a plug in that you’d be able to come visit us for probably less than $150 each, round trip.  We’ll try to keep our eyes open…sometimes you can fly over here for ridiculously cheap…maybe we could even come for a visit there (if that would work your schedule, that is).  Just a thought!

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