I am a little better!

Please note that yesterday, I said, “It’s 10:20 so I’d better get in the shower so I can get to the doctor.”  Ha ha.  I didn’t actually get in to see the doctor until 5:00.  But anyway, when I got there, I had a strep culture (negative!), the doctor gave me amoxicyllin for a sinus infection and also told me to take Claritin.  She also wrote me a note to say that I was excused from school from the 13th onward and didn’t have to go back until Tuesday, the 19th.  Bless her!  So I’m at home today, yet again and feeling much better already.  I’ve taken three doses of the antibiotics and I’m definitely feeling like I’m getting better.  Dan Gerding had the same thing and he said he didn’t start getting better until he had antibiotics either.  So, although I feel a little bit guilty having them (you know – the whole super bug thing), I am glad to be on them and promise to take them for the whole 10 days, even after I’m feeling really well.  In the meantime, I’m also eating yogurt and drinking cranberry juice, in an attempt to keep the good bacteria surviving in my body.

When I actually get back to school, I will have been gone for over a week – I taught last Monday and then I’ll teach next Tuesday.  It feels very weird to have been gone from my kids for so long.  But Laura (my student teacher) is great so at least their education hasn’t been completely nil for two days.  And Praise the Lord that school was closed from Tuesday and Wednesday.  Being out for four days would have been really bad.

Tonight, we’re going over to Tina’s house for dinner and for me to help her make the little pins that everyone will wear on Sunday after baby Alexander’s baptism into the Greek Orthodox church.   Nik is the godfather (phonetically spelled noh-noh) so although I’m not GO and therefore unable to be official, Tina says that I will be the noh-nah to Alex.  Andreas and Nikki have asked me to have a little part in the ceremony – after Alex is baptized, Nikki’s friend and I are the ones to wrap him up in towels and dry off the oily water.  I’m told that he will be screaming so it should be an interesting job!  I’ll keep you posted as to my success in keeping hold of a yelling, wet, oily baby!

Well, I’m off to try to keep myself from organizing the whole house, now that I feel a bit better.  I know I should just keep resting but I am TIRED of sitting on this couch!

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  1. It’s nice to hear about your class and school. You GEt TO be A NoUNA! THat’s KInd of `fun! (ADDIE IS Playing with the capsloCK and the tab buttons.)

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