New Birth Order?

I used’s list randomizer to generate a random list of all five Judge siblings names.  Here’s what it gave me.  Note that Jon is still the middle child and Rachel is still the youngest.  Perhaps I was destined to be a second child?  (Maybe I would have not turned out so bossy! )  Interesting to think about how our family would be different if we had been born in this order!

List Randomizer

There were 5 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Chris
  2. Laura
  3. Jon
  4. Eric
  5. Rachel

Timestamp: 2008-02-08 22:11:57 UTC

Edit on Saturday morning:  That randomizer website just lets you input lists of anything you want and then it uses atmospheric noise to create a randomized list.  (Don’t ask me what that means because I have no idea.  I’m sure Nik knows – it’s a computer science thing.)  So I just thought it would be funny to see what our five names would look like in random order.  The order above is the first one that it came up with.  No deeper meaning than that!

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1 Response to New Birth Order?

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    What the heck is this all about?  More details, please…

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