Here’s a few pictures from some recent cooking adventures:

Filet mignon with spicy sweet potato fries and arugula (roasted under our very scary broiler!):

Nik and I highly recommend the spice mix from that recipe.  Nik has made us sweet potato hash browns a couple times now and added that spice mix to it.  They are SO GOOD!  I could eat them every morning for breakfast!

Barbecued cabbage (before and after the grill!):

And yes, that’s butter on top, and that’s only half of what the recipe called for!

And, for Rachel, a turkey club sandwich. 

(It’s the closest we could come to a leftover turkey sandwich.  We
decided to go a little gourmet this year so we added bacon, Tillamook
cheddar, lettuce and tomato.  Yummy!):
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1 Response to Yum!

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    You can get Tillamook cheese there?  Very cool!  I have got to try barbecued cabbage – it looks amazing!

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