Buy your Christmas cranbrosia cranberries NOW!!

This just in!  There’s going to be a fresh cranberry shortage.  So if you want cranbrosia for Christmas, buy those berries now!  I did!  Actually, I bought two pounds at Costco last weekend for Thanksgiving cranbrosia and froze most of them.  So I have great plans for making all kinds of cranberry stuff.  Now I’m glad I have a lot.  So I don’t have to worry about being caught in the Great Cranberry Famine of 2007.

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1 Response to Buy your Christmas cranbrosia cranberries NOW!!

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    Thanks for the warning!  It would never do to head into the long cold winter without cranberries!  Thankfully, I bought a two pound bag of Bandon cranberries at Kruse Farms a couple of weeks ago.  They were terrific yesterday for our cranbrosia.  I’ll be certain to ration them carefully!

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