Yet another project (does it ever end?!)

The other day, I decided that I didn’t want our driveway to look like it belonged to an abandoned house anymore.  The weeds were growing really high in the cracks.  So I cleared out all the roots and discovered that we have several fault lines, like this, in our driveway.  (Do you think I should report the discovery of new East Coast fault lines to the USGS?)

And now that I’ve exposed them, they have to be filled and sealed so that they don’t get a lot bigger in the winter.  (Oops!)  So we have a bit of a job on our hands over the next couple weeks!  Luckily the forecast is for warm weather for awhile.  I also discovered that the lawn had overgrown the driveway by several inches.  I had fun with the shovel!

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2 Responses to Yet another project (does it ever end?!)

  1. Hey, at least you noticed … or would it have been better with the weeds? 🙂 Good job on figuring all that out!

  2. nanacilla says:

    It’s looking better – and probably more so since you posted.  Hard work but rewarding to see the results.

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