Can you catch ALL the mistakes?

eric is a house painter
he lives in anchorage, Alaska
he has three children
he loves his children very much
he is ms. judge’s brother
he likes to eat thai food

chris are a accountant
he is ms. J’s’s sister
he live in portland, oregon
he likes to eat vietnamese food.
he have one baby gril  

jonathon are a resident hall director
she is ms. j’s brother
he drink lots of coffeee

he live in spearfish, south dakota
he has two wives named leah

rachel work in REI (a outdoors store)
he is ms. j brother
she have a boyfriend
she live in anchorage, alaska
she love animals and kids

(I was desperate for drills this week so I had my intermediate writing class writing these little biographies in paragraph form.  For the most part, they caught all the mistakes although the “wives” issue [put in simply to remind them about the singular/plural noun difference] let to a discussion of “why can’t he have two wives?” and “isn’t it OK to have a wife and a girlfriend?” and “in my country, we can have two wives” and at that point, I just cut it off and moved on!  I hadn’t anticipated getting myself into that!)

(And yes, Jon, I realize you aren’t a hall director any more and yes, Chris I realize you aren’t technically an accountant but I’m a teacher – I have creative license!)

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3 Responses to Can you catch ALL the mistakes?

  1. judgie86 says:

    awwww!! Thats super cute! I miss your kids 🙂 And yes, I let him on without a life jacket *slaps hand* I am a horrible person! Good to talk to you for a few minutes, we should do it again soon! Love you!

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    wow.i really like the part about eric loving his children very much.and i cant wait to meet chris’ baby gril[l].

  3. lauraejudge says:

    My kids mis-spell “girl” as “gril” ALL THE TIME!!!! Across the board. I think it’s because the vowel sound is an r-controlled vowel and so you to actually hear a “gr” sound at the beginning if you’re trying to sound it out. The advanced kids even do it. And yes, we’ll have to ask Chris where he found his baby grill! 🙂

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