Eric, Meggan, and the kids were here this weekend.  I loved having them here, waking up to see Noah and Selah sleeping on the floor in my bedroom, finding half eaten baby carrots all over the place where Jonas had dropped them, not being able to find half of my little knick knacks that got played with and carried all over the house, having another part of my family understand me a little bit better by understanding (if only a litlte bit) the Baltimore that I have grown to love, having them hang out with Nik, Noah getting to play video games with his Alaska/Baltimore video game friends, talking to Selah, teasing Noah, feeling the weight of their little bodies as they flopped on me, laughing with Meggan, talking with Eric, Kristen finally getting to meet them after hearing so much about them for four years.

And now, I am sad because I miss them and my life feels a little bit lonely way over here on the East Coast.  But, as always, I will readjust and find my balance again here.  And I would rather feel lonely now than to have not seen them at all.

For, in the words of Alfred Lord Tennyson, ” ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

(that quote doesn’t really apply but I’ve never been able to work it into conversation before so I’m stretching a bit here!)

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1 Response to Bittersweet

  1. nanacilla says:

    You get my first “post a comment”!  Aren’t you the lucky one!  I’m with you on feeling that lonely ache after being with family.  Love you.

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