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I hate it

when I “lose” my keys, the whole school knows I’m looking for them (at least my department and all the principals), and then I find them in my purse.  I need to go to bed!

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I am a comfort shoe snob

As I was cleaning up my bedroom this evening, I realized that I had four pairs of shoes out on my floor: 3 pairs of Danskos 1 pair of Birkenstocks Really, I am quite the snob.  I refuse to wear … Continue reading

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And for yet another non-interesting detail about Laura’s life

Motorola did indeed only charge me $75 (plus tax) for my brand-new phone.  So I made the right choice to try to get it fixed (as opposed to buying a new one from Cingular for $115).

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Currently On My Feet

Thanks to a great score by Rachel in the REI Attic, right now I’m wearing these: And did I pay $99 for them?!?!  OF COURSE NOT!!  They were only $29.83.  Rachel also hooked up Meggan with another sweet pair of … Continue reading

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