Plants Galore

What I did today:

Planted 11 containers (8, 10,
and 12 inch terra cotta round pots and one long rectangle) for my back
porch, one pot of baby tears and one pot of nicotiana to take to
school, two ivy plants (in one pot) and four spider plant babies.

Planted a total of around 40 plants in my 11 containers.

Planted these kinds of plants:



creeping rosemary

lemon balm


green leaf lettuce

grape tomato

Flowers and Foliage:




ivy geranium

dusty miller




vinca vine


Used:  Almost all of a 64
quart bag of potting soil (and that, my friends, is A LOT of
dirt!)  It took both Kristen and I to carry it up into our
apartment and onto our back porch yesterday.  And now it’s almost
gone.  Kristen laughed at me for wanting to buy that much dirt but
I’m glad I did!

This is going to be my best year ever for container gardening.
It’s our first try at vegetables.  Kristen has more herbs too
(marjoram, oregano, sage, thyme, and peppermint at least) so we are
going to be overflowing in plants!
I’ll post some pictures once I get Kristen to take them for me with her
digital camera.  I had a fun and very satisfying day!

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