The good news

The good news is that my windshield will probably only be about $240 to
get replaced and they can come and do it while I’m at school.  The
other good news is that it’s only $5 to replace my registration
sticker.  So I’m working on solving those problems.  I think
this week will be a better one than the end of last week!

Good night my dear ones.  Have a wonderful and blessed week.
And Chris and Katie, since I assume you celebrated Easter today, Happy
Easter!  Christ is risen!

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5 Responses to The good news

  1. leahrachelle says:

    What a productive day Laura! And that is very good news on the windshield/stickers-yea! I hope all is well and we’ll be in touch! Love you! Oh, and Jon laughed at the photos of you and David as well as Eric’s shaved head ;o)

  2. chunkychen says:

    what happened to your windshield?  hope not the same thing that happened to mine!

  3. leahrachelle says:

    Are you sure that is Nathan Camps nose, I could swear it is eric. But, who knows. Maybe you do since you were there! Love youJon

  4. leahrachelle says:

    An Indian taco is a fry bread topped with beans, meat, cheese, etc. that tacos would have on it. I think the bread comes from the Navajo, but I may be wrong. Around here they often have them at fairs or market type places, as well as the Lakota club on campus will make them. They’re so yummy, as long as the bread is fresh ;o)

  5. nutmeggmama says:

    YAY for a cheap[er] fix…

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