I am a Dansko girl

I see these women at school wearing high heeled shoes and boots and my
feet just ache looking at them.  I used to wear some moderate
heels when I worked at East and if I needed to be dressed up at
Habitat.  Now, I don’t even consider wearing anything else to
school and rarely wear any other shoes on the weekend either.
Even to church, all I usually wear are my Danskos.  I
have a great pair of Doc Martin lace up shoes but when I wear those, my
feet ache by the end of the day.  And they don’t with
Danksos.  And besides, I am now so incredibly lazy that the
thought of leaning down to tie a pair of laces is just too much.
So, tonight, I have plunked down $130 to purchase two
pairs of Dansko sandals from Sierra Trading Post.  I may not keep
them both but I decided that because around half the school year, we
are roasting due to no air conditioning, Dansko sandals are a good
teaching investment.  Plus, I’ve been stressing about finding some
new summer shoes and I’ve been looking off and on for about 6
months.  And, I have a big tax return.  All good reasons to
justify spending a bit of money on shoes.  I’ll keep you posted on
whether or not I
like them.

Here they are!  Teaching comfort and style for the hot falls and
springs of Baltimore.  Hip Hip Hooray!  Thankfully, we’re
allowed to wear sandals to school.

P.S.  This post is yet another reason why I wasn’t supposed to
marry Brian, no matter how many hints were dropped my way
(*cough* *Aunt Zona* ).  His wife, Gayleen, loves to wear heels
and he finds that really attractive and sexy.  Good for him, good
for her.  Never would have worked for me!

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1 Response to I am a Dansko girl

  1. chunkychen says:

    danskos are totally worth it- I love mine even if they are kinda uggs!

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