I am a HOTTIE!!

Or at least so thinks a guy on MySpace!

Yes, that means that I do have a MySpace profile but don’t waste your
time trying to find me – I only joined because my friend Julie begged
us all too.  Anyway, today I got this message from a random guy
named “Frenk” who told me that he liked my profile and did I like him
too?   Well, seeing as my profile consists of my picture, my
first name, my age, and that I live in Baltimore – I can only assume
that he is basing his “liking” of me on my picture.  I must be
pretty darn cute to attract a 24 year old from the Eastern Shore!

(And BTW, he is pretty good looking himself but I’m not planning on replying to him.  Don’t get too excited.)

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3 Responses to I am a HOTTIE!!

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    i found you, lol…

  2. leahrachelle says:

    That’s so funny-Jon and I just found you on myspace the other day when looking for someone ;o) I DO think you’re a HOTTIE Laura, but I think you’ll do better than Mr. Eastern Shore!

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