(Do you remember the movie when they yell that? I think it’s some
cheesy kids movie with animals wearing sunglasses (?) but I don’t know
which one.)

Today it got up about 84 degrees (at the airport).  And even now it’s still 77.  It felt like a perfect Alaskan summer day – warm but no humidity.  I went running when I
got home and enjoyed it.  But tomorrow it’s supposed to be rainy
and back down in the 50s again.  Poor me.  So cold!

Here’s the forecast:  “The cold front is headed our way. It will bring us windy weather and
perhaps some rain and a thunderstorm overnight. We’ll be back in the
50s for the rest of the week, and 40s by the weekend. Overnight lows by
Saturday will drop below freezing.”  (From the Baltimore Sun.)

I guess I’d better not get flowers for the back porch yet.

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