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Fall Flowers, Fall Clothes

It may be getting up into the 80s during the day but it’s getting blessedly cool at night.  I feel much happier about being pregnant these days! We’ve broken out the fall clothes (pants) and the fall flowers are blooming. … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Autumn Sights and Weather with Grandpa

Autumn is hands down my favorite season on the East Coast.  I’m glad that my dad was able to enjoy it with us! We visited the Loch Raven Reservoir and the Hampton Mansion (a National Historic Site, which Nik grew … Continue reading

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Is it snowing in Anchorage?

Because it’s snowing here! In October! In Baltimore! See the snow in the air? proof in the fork of the trunks of the tree half an hour later – even more snow in the garden bed I realize that if … Continue reading

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The Calm After the Storm

The sun is shining and we are enjoying a gentle breeze. The front porch is back on the front porch. We are considering ourselves very blessed to still have power as many people around us (even just a block or … Continue reading

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So Far, So Good

We lost power for just a few seconds at 11:45 pm. Everything in our house  is fine. The rain is basically gone.  It’s still very windy so we haven’t been outside.  From what we can see, there’s little to no … Continue reading

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The Last Blog Post

That’s a fairly ominous title, isn’t it?  This is just my last blog post before signing off for the night.  In case you’re wondering why I’ve been just sitting around blogging for the past hour, it’s because Ellie is sleeping … Continue reading

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If I was getting married today…

…I would be grateful that the hurricane wasn’t here yet (rain but not bad yet) and I would have this for my head table centerpiece. That’s a beet, just picked this afternoon to rescue it from Isabel. At least we’ll … Continue reading

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