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If I was getting married today…

…I would be grateful that the hurricane wasn’t here yet (rain but not bad yet) and I would have this for my head table centerpiece. That’s a beet, just picked this afternoon to rescue it from Isabel. At least we’ll … Continue reading

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The Front Porch

is now inside. [or at least the contents of the porch] Thanks to Nik for rescuing all my flowers!

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We’re [Mostly] Ready

Everything’s off the basement floor.  Most of the outside stuff is secured.  We’re making a bunch of ice as we speak.  We see the clouds coming ahead of the worst of the storm. We’ll blog as we can, although if … Continue reading

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People Get Ready

First, we had a tornado. Then, we had an earthquake. Now, we’re expecting a major hurricane. What’s next, the Rapture? Seriously, though, this has been a crazy week!  We don’t have to evacuate thankfully but we’re taking some precautions, such … Continue reading

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We just had a 5.8 magnitude earthquake!  Here!  In Baltimore!!  25 minutes ago!  Our whole house shook for what felt like forever.  I actually ran downstairs into the basement with Ellie because the only thing that I thought it could … Continue reading

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The Power of Positive Thinking

Today is the third day in a row of temperatures that are way too high -yesterday, add in humidity and the heat index was over 100.  I’m [desperately] trying to have a good attitude about this so here’s what I’ve … Continue reading

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Work? What’s that?

Poor me.  I actually had to put on respectable clothes, make my lunch, and work for four and a half whole hours today.  I am exhausted!  Work is hard work! We finally went back to school today.  The date on … Continue reading

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Random news

1.  Yes, it did finally stop snowing.  Yes, they are calling for another storm on President’s Day but it’s supposed to be small, thankfully.  And yes, maybe we’ll finally go back to school on Tuesday. 2. The official total for … Continue reading

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It’s Official

We’re getting a 10-day weekend – two weekends, 5 snow days and President’s Day.  For the record, I’m tired of snow days.  One or two here or there are pretty fun.  But 5?  In a row?  Frankly, I’m kinda tired … Continue reading

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More snow is a’coming

Another storm is on the way – coming in tomorrow afternoon with the potential for 8-10″ (and some even saying 20″).  They’ve already canceled school for Tuesday and Wednesday, too.So Nik is, as I’m writing this, in the process of … Continue reading

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