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Nursing = Ick, Gymnurstics, and Other Reasons Why I Love Nursing a Two-Year-Old

my [really late] post to commemorate World Breastfeeding Week 2015 Last fall, as Mark was learning how to talk, one of his first words was, “Ick.” He would point at my chest, say, “Ick”, and then lean over as if … Continue reading

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My No-Shave Experiment – The RANT (207 Days and Counting)

This is part 2 in my “No-Shave Experiment” mini-series. Here’s part 1 and 1a. So it’s been almost three months since I REVEALED my “No-Shave Experiment” to you all.  In that time, I’ve had to start wearing summer clothes and … Continue reading

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“Why Doesn’t This Happen More Often?”

Today I’m honored to share with you a guest post by Andy DeVos.  Andy originally wrote this as a post on Facebook and has given me permission to repost it here. I myself haven’t read (or watched) all of the … Continue reading

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Ideas for How To Help Baltimore

I’ve been hearing from friends and family, wondering how they can help support Baltimore.  My friend (and former housemate) Emily just complied this helpful list of organizations that she and I can vouch for personally.  As she wrote, “Giving to … Continue reading

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Providing Identity Options (other than anti-princess)

Mark and Ellie, who was too busy peeling her stick to look at the camera Yesterday, we joining a hiking club for homeschoolers.  Mark was by far the youngest kid and Ellie was next.  She did an admirable job of … Continue reading

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My No-Shave Experiment – 121 Days and Counting (The REVEAL)

I haven’t shaved my legs or my armpits in 121 days (since November 22, 2014.) I did this deliberately.  That day, I said to myself, “I’m going to shave today and then I’m not going to shave, for a long … Continue reading

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I Have Been Seriously Contemplating Whether or Not Leaving the House is Worth It

It’s been feast or famine around here, hasn’t it?  Make sure to read the end – for the happy ending postscript. And a fair warning – there are discussions of various gross bodily fluids in this post.  Feel free to … Continue reading

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