Ideas for How To Help Baltimore

I’ve been hearing from friends and family, wondering how they can help support Baltimore.  My friend (and former housemate) Emily just complied this helpful list of organizations that she and I can vouch for personally.  As she wrote, “Giving to existing neighborhood organizations is probably the most helpful thing people can do from outside the city.”

Thanks for continuing to pray for Baltimore.

Here’s the list as described in Emily’s words:

Acts4Youth is a mentoring program for boys in my [Emily’s] neighborhood that has been working in local schools for many years.

The Pen Lucy Action Network is my church’s community development organization, providing a variety of services to our neighborhood for over 15 years. (Laura’s note – it’s my church too!)

IMG_0903 (600x800)Mark and I on Wednesday morning, outside of our church

Newborn Holistic Ministries has been serving Sandtown for 20 years in some amazing ways.  (Laura’s note – for those not familiar with Baltimore, Sandtown is a neighborhood in West Baltimore where rioting occurred and also the neighborhood where Freddie Gray was from.)

Help provide affordable housing by supporting Habitat for Humanity locally. (Laura’s note – HF was my first place of employment after moving to Baltimore!)

Helping Up Mission has been around for over 120 years restoring men to productive roles in society.

This PBS article has links to several other organizations, including the church whose community center-in-progress burned down Monday.


Update: Here’s one more organization for you.  Both Emily and I go to church with Dan Ellis, the executive director of Neighborhood Housing Services Baltimore. NHS seeks to revitalize Baltimore through home ownership.

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