Puffins Are Actually Mammals (you didn’t know that?)

IMG_0729 (800x533)Mark’s puffin is inside his shirt, nursing!

This morning, there was a whole lot of inter-class nursing going on.  At our house, evidently, puffins are mammals.  And don’t try to tell Ellie they’re not.

“Why” questions are still incomprehensible to Marko! 🙂

IMG_0734 (800x600) IMG_0736 (800x600)IMG_0739 (800x533)I promise I do NOT nurse with Mark by shoving him inside my shirt!


For more puffin love on the blog, check out: Ellie’s nap with both of our puffins, some inter-species tandem nursing, a tiny wooden puffin! (the one that started Ellie’s love for puffins), and even a puffin cookie cutter (we’re clearly obsessed).

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