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Announcing…Our Top Baby Name Options for B2

We’ve finally nailed down the names for B2. For a boy: Buster For a girl: Busterina Why such unusual names, you ask?  Ellie is currently in love with buses.  She lights up whenever she sees a bus.  She’s also careful … Continue reading

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Some Irreconcilable Parenting Differences

Nik and I have had a relatively easy time in the “how shall we parent?” department.  By relatively easy, I mean, we haven’t had a lot of conflict in our “deciding what parenting philosophy to follow”discussions.  Putting all of that … Continue reading

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Fall Beauty and Bounty (and don’t forget to set your clocks back!)

Although, really, does anyone need a reminder about Daylight Savings Time anymore?  Cell phones reset themselves.  Even our bedside alarm clock magically talks to satellites and resets itself.  But regardless, Ellie will still wake up at the normal time, which … Continue reading

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Introducing: Noah, Rock Guitarist

My nephew Noah (age 11) is an up and coming rock guitarist who is seeking to become more well known.  I told him I’d post this short video to my blog to introduce him to you all.   Let me know … Continue reading

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Wow! Really? I didn’t know a post about Leap Year would be so disappointing.

I just got this comment on my “Leap Year (#2)” post that I put up last week for my brother, Jon: The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. … Continue reading

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In Case You Were Wondering…

If you happen to live in my Papa and Granny’s old house and you happen to see a flock of penguins outside, it’s probably best that you don’t let them in your house and try to make them into pets … Continue reading

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Channeling June Cleaver

This morning, I was busily vacuuming, trying to get some of my chores done before Ellie and I left for moms’ group at church.  I was already ready to go but had some extra time.  I felt like dressing up … Continue reading

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My Other Love: Cardmaking

Although sewing is my current major creative outlet, I’ve loved the craft of paper card making for a long time.  I particularly love finding old books to cut up for cards.  I made a card on Thursday that I loved … Continue reading

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Mom, Meggan, Jon, Leah?

Don’t worry.  I was only joking.  We only kept one chocolate bar (thank you Jon and Leah!) and we only kept half the tea.  And we only kept half the tea because Dad didn’t have room for all of it … Continue reading

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Bye-bye Grandpa! Thanks for the tea!

My dad is in the air as we speak, on his way back to Alaska.  It was wonderful having him with us, and especially nice to be able to spend Thanksgiving with him.  I haven’t been with my family for … Continue reading

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