Pi Day Celebration! (FAIL)

I have to admit that often I think, “Oooo, we should do this for the blog.  It would be funny.” Sometimes it works, like when I get the kids to sing a cute song.  Other times, it fails miserably and you never see it.  However, this failure is still cracking up Nik and me so I figured you might find it funny too.

As you probably know, Saturday was Pi Day (i.e March 14th) and because it’s 2015, if you celebrated at 9:26 in the morning, you could get the first eight digits of pi (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter) – 3.1415926.  I told Nik we needed to do some kind of celebration in front of the clock at 9:26 to post to the blog.  He had the fun idea of doing a Greek circle dance (get it?!?!?!) and so we attempted it.  And because those darn children wouldn’t cooperate (Miss Emily, we’re blaming you and the Snow White birthday party mirror – ha!), you get the following example of a Pi Day celebration failure.

Hoe you had a fun Pi day too! 🙂

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