To Comb or To Chop? That Is the Question.

Over the past few months, combing Ellie’s hair had become more and more of a contentious issue between the two of us.  She strongly dislikes combing her hair and even more despises me doing anything to her hair such as putting a ponytail or clips in it.

Finally having had enough of using “creative” ways of convincing her to let me comb her hair and remembering my mother doing something like this with me and long fingernails, I told her that she could either:

  1. have long hair, be in charge of combing it herself, and comb it twice a day, or
  2. let me cut it off short.

I was sure she would choose combing because she’s always be so hesitant to let us cut her hair.  Remember her first hair cut at almost five-years old? Rather, she instantly said, “short hair!” to my shock.  I put it off for a couple weeks, just to make sure that she was sure about wanting short hair.  She kept pestering me to cut it off so last Monday (over a week ago), we sat her down in front of the Nutcracker Ballet on YouTube and I set to work.

043 (800x533)First we had to watch a short Lego train video to appease the little brother!

044 (800x533)halfway through the initial chop to get off most of the length

045 (800x533)so much hair!

I went to a fabulous hair stylist for 10 years.  She viewed cutting hair as architecture and really was an incredible artist.  For a variety of reasons, she hasn’t cut my hair for the past three years (since just before Mark was born) and I still am annoyed every time I get my hair cut (which to be honest, has only been twice since he was born).  I miss Valerie a TON.  Anyway, I just tried to channel everything I saw Valerie do over 10 years of hair cuts and in the end, I think it came out looking pretty great, especially for my first try at ever cutting anyone’s hair!

047 (800x533) 048 (800x533) 049 (800x533)

I’m actually looking forward to getting to cut it again! 🙂  Best of all, however, is the lack of tension now between Ellie and me when it comes to her hair.  Because it’s short and because the ends aren’t so brittle anymore, her hair basically just doesn’t get tangled.  She doesn’t have to comb it and I don’t have to be annoyed by my daughter’s crazy messy hair.  Win win for everyone!

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