“Children In Pumpkins”, The 2015 “Sob, They’re Growing Up” Edition

As is our custom (here’s 2012, 2013 and 2014), we went to Weber’s Cider Mill Farm back in late October of our kids with the pumpkins.  Unlike last year, when we got basically ZERO good pictures due to an unfortunately busy forklift, this year, I had a hard time choosing from all the cuteness.  I think this means they’re growing up!

022 (800x533)They both smiled for the camera

027 (800x533)will the drooling never end?

075 (800x533)

and obligingly posed with their mother.

033 (800x534)128 (800x533)

There was, of course, lots of running,

088 (800x533) 089 (800x533)silliness with pumpkins and gourds,

060 (800x503) 062 (800x503)REALLY BIG AND HEAVY!!!

045 (800x533)and apple truck driving/riding.

147 (800x533)

Mark was thrilled to “drive” a forklift and we even “talked” to Nana (who we were leaving to see in just a few days).

172 (800x533) 210 (800x533)All in all, we spent a really fun hour with our kids that day.  Did it hurt that now they are old enough to know what apple cider doughnuts are and that a tasty treat was awaiting them at the end of the photo shoot? Probably not! 😉

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