April Sewing: Matchy, Matchy for Babies

Back in April, I went on a bit of a baby blanket sewing frenzy.  For these four blankets, I made matching little pouches to go with them.  Two of the blankets were for second-born babies, one was for a third-born, and one for a fourth-born.  The first-borns get all the good stuff. So the later kids deserve something new and fun, right?

Here’s all the blankets.

293 (640x427)

Here’s all the pouches. I used both sides of the blanket in each center panel.  I used this tutorial, which I have almost memorized at this point, I’ve made so many of them.

294 (640x427) (2)

And, lest you be disappointed with so few pictures, here’s each matching set.

296 (640x427) 297 (640x427) 298 (640x427)

This last blanket set was for my newest nephew, born to my brother and his wife who live in Northern Ireland.  For him, I added some embroidery! 🙂

295 (640x427) 015 (640x427)

I lined all the pouches in bright white, assembly-line style.

017 (640x427)(I also sewed the pouches assembly-line style, thanks to Yiayia, who had the kids come over to play one Saturday morning, giving me a couple uninterrupted hours to sew!)

(And one of these days I’ll find enough mental space and keyboard time to write about more than sewing…)

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2 Responses to April Sewing: Matchy, Matchy for Babies

  1. stitchnsew says:

    those are adorable, love the colors! can you put the blanket inside the pouches? so it will be a carry on blanket?

    • Laura says:

      Thank you! The blankets are much bigger than the pouches so no, they don’t fit inside. That would be really fun though! 🙂

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