Filling Up Your Cute Kid Cup for Today

Since the blog has been lacking in cute kids pictures for awhile (close to a month), here’s an assortment to brighten up your day!

Ellie is very proud of her new skill (just discovered yesterday)!

002 (640x427)Putting in her own clips! (usually there’s close to 9-10 of them.)

What are Mark’s new skills?

006 (640x427)Cutting with scissors! I blame the state of our dining room floor on him. (It has absolutely nothing to do with my total lack of desire to sweep every day.)

017 (640x427)Making bread!  Roll it, tuck in the ends, …

018 (640x427) (2)place it gently…

019 (640x427) (2)pat it down…

020 (640x427)and make your own bread!

My beloved son with his new big boy hair cut (as done by Nik):

005 (640x427)

At a late April “It’s spring! There’s tulips!” play date in Sherwood Gardens:

IMG_0894 (640x480)

Here we are at a Tiny Tots Baltimore Symphony Orchestra concert, three days after the riots swept through Baltimore.  Although the Meyerhoff was nearly empty (because so many field trips had been canceled), we were grateful to be part of the audience as the BSO claimed Leonard Bernstein’s words (written just after JFK’s assassination):

This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.

IMG_0906 (640x480)

Finally, this picture was taken the day after Christmas so I know, I’m posting it a little late.  I just found it on Nik’s phone and it’s the only picture (I think) that we’ve managed to get of the matching hats that Yiayia knitted them for Christmas!

nikphone 017 (640x480)out for a brisk, post-Christmas wagon ride

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