First Sewing Project in February: A Toy Drawstring Bag

I started and finished my first February sewing project yesterday!

Ellie has a set of wooden Arctic animals that were living in a ugly, dangerous ziploc bag that she had to have help opening.  Now, they are living in this non-hazardous, beautiful drawstring bag that she can open and close herself (with a bit of help right now but she is learning quickly!).

I used this tutorial but modified the size to make it a bit bigger.  The outside is Kona Chocolate Brown, Kona Grass Green, and a Joann flannel which I still haven’t managed to return to my friend Nicole (sorry!).  Isn’t that moose fun?  The lining and ties are a Marimekko stripe.   All fabrics I already had in my stash.

Isn’t that puffin adorable?  It’s my favorite of the set!

I have a couple more bags to make before all her toys have homes but it is fun to have this one done!  That tutorial is great, easy to follow and to sew, and FAST!

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