Off To Alaska! (part 2 of 3)

Here’s Part 1.

We didn’t see the older cousins very much (you know, school attendance being important and all that) but we did get to hang out with them a bit.  Alex made the coolest little mouse out of the wax that came wrapped about a bit of snack cheese.  Amazing!!

IMG_0362 (800x533) IMG_0364 (800x533)

Although we officially stayed at my mom’s house the whole time, we did have an impromptu sleepover at Eric and Meggan’s house.  I’ve been staying with my brother and his family when visiting home since they bought their house in Anchorage 10 years ago.  It was nice to stay there for old times’ sake!

IMG_0409 (800x533)

It was also so fun for the almost-the-same-age cousins to get to really play with each other!  They were just six and nine months old the last time they saw each other.

IMG_0420 (800x533)I loved the early-afternoon glow on the mountains as we drove up to my sister’s house.

IMG_0429 (800x534)

Clearly bananas are really hilarious!

IMG_0435 (800x533)They put themselves in age order, again!

Everyone wanted to be in the picture with baby Annika!

IMG_0457 (800x533)Finally, we get to a couple pictures of Nana, although you have already seen her cutting Mark’s hair.  We loved staying with my mom and it was the most time we’ve had to just be with each other in at least 12 years (since I moved to Baltimore).

IMG_0461 (800x533) IMG_0469 (800x533)Our last morning, we went to a craft fair at my mom’s church.  I had the fun of meeting the daughter of one of my favorite professors from college.  I went to Houghton College (up in western NY) and this particular couple took me under their wing while I was there.  Both their daughters lived in Alaska (and still do) and they took particular care of the rare student from Alaska, knowing that we were far away from home.  I’d always heard about Caroline but had never managed to cross paths with her.  It turns out she knows my sister-in-law!

IMG_0480 (534x800)She makes incredibly delicious caramel. so if you live in Alaska, definitely seek her out and buy some! The jar I bought is just about gone and I’m pretty sad about that.  (She doesn’t have a website yet, otherwise I’d gladly link to it.)

Driving home on our last afternoon, I saw this bumper stick (which I promise I took a picture of while stopped at a stoplight).

IMG_0492 (800x534)“Alaskans for Global Warming”

That evening, after sadly hugging and kissing everyone goodbye and cuddling one last time with newborn cuteness, we headed to the airport. I love this particular mosaic/mural that you can see right after you come through security at the Anchorage airport.  Ellie liked the moose.  I love the birches!

IMG_0496 (533x800)IMG_0497 (533x800)Our flight home was BRUTAL.  We got into Seattle at 2:00 am and didn’t take off again until 8:00 am (quite the contrast with our running layover a week prior).  Somehow we survived, thanks in part to our lovely friend who lent us these awesome magnetic toys.

IMG_0502 (800x533)Note the lack of people in the main atrium, because it’s 4:00 IN THE MORNING.

They also tried to take a nap at one point.  Ellie actually did lie there for around 20 minutes.  Mark only lasted long enough for me to take this picture!

IMG_0499 (800x533)Somehow, we made it through and were rewarded by amazing vistas of the Cascades as we left Seattle and headed home, where it took us almost a week to work off that jet lag.

IMG_0504 (800x533) IMG_0506 (800x533)

Last but not least, tomorrow’s post contains plenty of videos of silly children.

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