I’m So Patriotic, I Win Ribbons In Red, White, and Blue!

I never write about politics on this blog but if you know me in person, you probably know that I’m a bit conflicted when it comes to patriotism (particularly in relation to what it means relative to being a follower of Jesus Christ).  All that aside, I did manage to win red, white, and blue ribbons at the fair so hooray for me and the USA! 🙂

I won two red ribbons (2nd place) for Ellie’s red dress and her sundress and a white ribbon (third place) for her Easter dress.

DSC00869 (800x600)I’m pointing at the sundress. The Easter dress is hanging above the orange flower outfit.

DSC00870 (800x533)

I am also proud to announce that I won a blue ribbon for my tote!

blue ribbon bag (800x600)Annoyingly, it was buried behind all the other tote entries and really difficult to see under the plastic.  Oh well.  At least the judges saw it for what it was worth!

When I dropped off my things, the woman said, “Ooooo nice quilting!” about the tote so I was hopeful!  I forgot to look at the other dresses very closely but I did inspect all the other tote bags entered in my category and it’s a good thing I won.  It was so far head and tails better than the rest that I would have been pretty mad to have not gotten a blue!


We have a bit of a tradition going with some friends of ours.  We park at their house (because they live quite close to the fair) and then walk over.  This year, three of the four kids rode in the red wagon.

DSC00868 (800x600)clearly not thrilled with getting their picture taken

After indulging me by roaming around the Home Arts building (and after Sharla and I decided we are also going to dominate the Baking section next year), we oohed and aahed at all the animals (baby pigs! born as we watched!) and then ate dinner.  Mr. Tim kindly bought all the kids chocolate milk for dessert.  Ellie and Mark were IN HEAVEN, because being the mean parents we are, we’ve never given them chocolate milk before.

DSC00875 (800x533) DSC00876 (800x533)“What is this incredible stuff? Don’t you dare try to take this away from me, Mama!!”

Here’s your state fair tip: Prigel Creamery chocolate milk, almost as delicious as ice cream and a steal at only $3.50 for a quart!  We all came home stuffed full of local lamb and local chocolate milk.  Add in four ribbons and $32 in winnings (minus personal income tax, of course) and I call that a great night! 🙂

Thanks to my mother-in-law, Tina, for taking all of these pictures.  Some year, we’ll remember to take our own camera to the fair!

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5 Responses to I’m So Patriotic, I Win Ribbons In Red, White, and Blue!

  1. Awesome! Nice sewing, and so glad kids get to experience chocolate milk 🙂 I’m looking out for your kiddos of course!!

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