Misappropriation of Party Planning and Preparation Time

Last Saturday afternoon, I had the fun of hosting a bridal open house (like a shower only with no presents involved) for one of my best friends.  I had allocated the day before (Friday) for house cleaning and food preparation, knowing that on Saturday morning, I wanted to clean up our front porch and plant all the flower pots so that it too, would be ready for guests on Saturday afternoon.

So what did I spend almost my whole Friday morning doing? Organizing the dressers in our bedrooms.  Makes total sense, right? I put away almost all our winter clothes, got out the summer clothes, organized drawers, and generally made the dressers really functional and organized.  Did this have anything at all to do with the party?  Not really.  I did want the top of my dresser cleared off in order to hold any presents that might have been brought to the open house but that really didn’t necessitate all the work that I did.

That afternoon, I was telling this story to a friend of mine who’d stopped by for a visit and she told me that in the preparation leading to the hosting of a joint birthday party for their two children, her husband had polished their trashcan!  Polished! The trash can!  This made me feel a bit better.  That night, around 10:30, when I was finished up the work that I really needed to accomplish for the party, I happened to look closely at our trash can and realized that it was filthy too. So I started cleaning it.  I forced myself to stop long  before the “perfectly clean” stage but had it not been so late, I couldn’t have.

So tell me – am I the only one who struggles with the misappropriation of party planning and preparation time?  Please tell me you’ve done this too!

And in other news, I did manage to get the front porch planted, swept, and ready for guests, just 90 minutes before the party started.  And guess what?  Only one person went out there, for only about one minute.  Oh well!  Our porch looks lovely now and we’re ready for summer! 🙂

001 (800x533) 006 (800x539)This is actually our entrance porch.  It gets some shade so I can plant impatiens there.  I love that shade of peachy-pink!

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6 Responses to Misappropriation of Party Planning and Preparation Time

  1. I always do this! Ben once cleaned the INSIDE of our water tank on the toilet (the part you can only see if you take the lid to the tank off) before a get together at our house!

    • Laura says:

      Kind of like me cleaning the inside of my dresser drawers where no guest would ever look! 🙂 I don’t know that I’ve ever really looked inside the tank of our toilet! 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    Oh, I think you’re in good company, Laura! Your pictures brought back good memories of your porches. 🙂

  3. I definitely do this before we have houseguests or if I’m avoiding something I don’t want to do. I’m usually avoiding doing the main house cleaning for the houseguests…

    When I was in college and trying to study for a big test I would clean our whole apartment. Or make sure all my fingernails were perfectly trimmed, or organize my books in alphabetical order. For me it’s definitely an avoidance technique and not a good one.

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