The Giraffe with Mark’s Quilt (a trip to the zoo!)

Ever since I saw this absolutely adorable llama quilt photographed with llamas, I’ve dreamed of having a similarly adorable quilt photo shoot myself.  Mark’s quilt‘s feature fabric is full of giraffes so I figured a trip to the zoo would be my perfect chance for such a photo shoot!  Finally, after months of bad weather and other reasons why we didn’t make it to the zoo, we made it there this morning.  My friend Katie kindly obliged me and held up the quilt for photographing.  The giraffe wasn’t quite so obliging but in the end, at least I have a picture of my giraffe quilt with a giraffe, right? 🙂

004 (800x533) 005 (800x533) (3)008 (800x534) 011 (800x533) (2) Finally, the giraffe decided to figure out what in the world those crazy people were doing.

014 (800x533)

We did also have a fun time at the zoo.  The weather is perfect today – pretty cool and not at all humid.  If it wasn’t for the sixty million billion other people who decided to take advantage of the great weather, it would have been a perfect day at the zoo!

001 (800x533) (2) 003 (800x533) (2) photo1 (800x600) photo5 (800x533) photo6 (800x600)We ate lunch before heading home and the wind picked up enough that we were just barely on the too cool side in the shade.  Ellie decided that she’d had enough of being cold so she climbed into the stroller and took advantage of having a quilt along onthe trip.

015 (800x534) 018 (800x533)Meanwhile, Mark was asking, “Hey!  Why can’t I use my own quilt?” 🙂

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